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Hi again, I am Sai Priyatham, a Sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering at IIT Bombay. I am from Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. I have been studying at IIT Bombay since 2012 after clearing IIT-JEE 2012. I am currently a Convener of WnCC, IIT Bombay. Getting here has been my privilege. Though the time I have spent here so far has not exactly been smooth, I have certainly learnt a lot and I am sure I will learn more.
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Rubik's Cube Solver

This was my first big C++ project. As the name clearly says, it is a program that will solve the Rubik's Cube using layer by layer method. I did this for my CS101 course.


Search is a Python program (which has now been converted to a stand alone Mac OS X application using py2app) that indexes your hard drive and allows you to search for files using their names. It supports actions like Open, Rename, Delete very much like Spotlight on OS X.


This is a project I am currently working on. It's an online numerical computation package that leverages the power of Google App Engine and the simplicity of Python allowing you to save your work directly to your google account and much more.

Home Page

This page you are reading right now has been made with Facebook API, Bootstrap CSS, Bootstrap JavaScript and jQuery. As you can see it uses the power of the aforementioned packages to give some personalised and sleek user experience.


If you wanna send me a box of chocolates, here's my address
Room No: 81
Hostel 7
IIT Bombay
Mumbai - 400076

You can mail me at
kmspriyatham@gmail.com or 120070046@iitb.ac.in

Or you can have a quick chat with me on Facebook or hangout with me on Google+
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If you are lucky enough, you might have seen in the Trivia that I am really interested in research. For me, it's because research allows me to think about any problem I like in a novel way and I believe that when you truly love what you are doing, you can work wonders. Hope that some day I find the problem of my dreams.

As of now, I find the following fields particularly interesting.


Project Euler Programming has been and always will be at the top of my Interests. I am more interested in problem solving than software development.
I participate on sites like Hackerrank, CodeChef whenever I have time and I really like the problems on Project Euler.
C++ is the language of my choice for problem solving as it's fast. On the other hand I use Python for my other development projects because it's simple and less bug-prone. I always use Xcode for programming in C++ and Sublime Text 2 for everything else.
You can read about my adventures with Haskell on Haskell and Me.

I have been playing Badminton since my high school days. I have learnt and played Squash for my NSO in my Freshmen year at IIT Bombay, which resulted in me playing for my hostel in the Squash GC, 2013. I have also started playing Basket Ball fairly recently.
The following are the websites I visit the most when my grey cells tingle with excitement or when they are tired after a day's work.
A Q&A site for questions about everything, literally.
Math StackExchange
Another Q&A site dedicated for Mathematics. You can learn a ton of math by reading, asking and answering the questions on this site.
A great site with really interesting online courses that engage the learner using a DIY approach.
It's a great site for learning foreign languages. I am currently learning Spanish on this site.
It's my one-stop destination to know anything about movies.

The following are the games I played that are worth mentioning due to their interesting and engaging gameplay.
# Title Platform Genre
1 Need for Speed: Most Wanted Windows XP Racing
2 Need for Speed: Carbon PS 2 Racing
3 God of War II PS 2 Action-Adventure
4 Limbo Mac OS X Puzzle
5 Asphalt 8: Airborne iPad Racing
6 Cut the Rope: Time Travel Android Puzzle
7 Pudding Monsters Android Puzzle
8 Black PS 2 First Person Shooter
9 Angry Birds: Space Android Puzzle


I watch a lot of (Animation, Sci-Fi, Superhero) movies, infact I have compiled a list of almost all the movies I have watched which can be found here.
My favourite actors are

and actresses are

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