Renewable Energy is experiencing a dramatic growth worldwide, mainly driven by pressure for carbon emission reduction and limited sources of fossil fuels, with wind and solar power being the front runners. The combined effect of growing demand and increasing level of variable renewable energy generation coupled with deregulated market has pushed power systems to operate close to their security limits. My current research focus is on integration of renewable energy sources and the challenges introduced by such variable sources, with main goal of achieving a reliable, secure and sustainable power system.
For past few years, I have been working in similar areas, both in Industry and in Academia, mainly in Europe with a short stint in US.

Research Interests:

  • Grid integration of Renewables (Wind and Solar PV plants).
  • System integration of Renewables.
  • Power system dynamics and control.
  • Smart Grid and microgrid.
  • Demand Side Response/Management and Electric Vehicle Integration.
  • Wide Area Measurement Systems (WAMS), Wide Area Monitoring Control and Protection (WAMPAC).

Open positions and News

  • Open positions, for more detailsClick HERE

  • Hazem Karbouj has been awarded with POSOCO thesis award for his PhD thesis

  • Santanu Paul successfully defended his PhD thesis, congratulations to Dr. Santanu

  • Rakesh Reddy was awarded with POSOCO thesis award for his M.Tech. thesis

  • Ashish Sukhadeve, Kuldeep Jain, and Akar Gupta defended their master's thesis

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